Top 5 Influential Names in Female Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing is undeniably a male-dominated sport, with few female racers to be found. We dredged out ten of the most inspiring female motorcycle riders who gave the fellas a run for their money…

Leah Tokelove

Leah Tokelove is first on our list. Leah has been tearing up the flat-track scene. Leah is a 21-year-old Englishwoman from Lincolnshire. She began racing in 2013 and quickly advanced, eventually becoming the first girl to win a championship in the 125cc class in 2014. After many podium finishes in 2018, Indian Motorcycles approached Leah with an offer to race their Scout Sixty Hooligan bike in the DTRA Hooligan Championship. Leah not only had a successful racing career, but she also started a race school called ‘Days in the Dirt,’ which allows women who want to acquire new abilities and go on the track.

Maria Costello

Maria Costello is the next person on our list. Maria is the only individual on the list who has earned that distinguished distinction, and we can see why. Maria is a 46-year-old Northampton native. When Costello became the first woman to finish on the podium at the Isle of Man TT, she made history. In the 2005 Manx Grand Prix, she finished third. She also held the Guinness World Record for the quickest woman to complete the Isle of Man TT course until it was broken in 2009.

Aside from that, she’s been a Sports Personality of the Year, a published author, a character in a video game, and even a stunt double in a Hollywood film. Maria continues to inspire female riders by organizing her ‘Woman on a Motorcycle’ women-only track days, which are sponsored by BMW Motorrad UK. They are proving to be particularly popular with female riders since Maria assists them in honing their talents.

Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco is the latest addition to the team. Ana is a motorbike racer from Murcia, Spain, who is 22 years old. She had been riding motorcycles since she was 16 and began her racing career in the Moto3 world championship. However, she struggled to improve and had to learn how to become excellent on her own because the male racers were not fond of Ana competing. Ana created history in 2017 when she switched to the Supersport 300 World Championship, being the first woman to win a world championship motorcycle event in Portugal. We believe this is only the beginning for Ana, and that huge things are on the way.

Beryl Swain

Now we have Beryl Swain, the late great. One of the most well-known racers on this list is Beryl. She was born in 1936 in London, England, and died at the age of 71 in 2007. Beryl created history in 1962 when she became the first woman solo motorcycle rider to complete a TT race on the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man TT Course was widely regarded as exceedingly dangerous, with riders suffering a variety of life-threatening injuries. Her selected motorcycle was a 50cc Itom Racer from Italy, and she competed in the 50cc Ultra-Lightweight class.